Audit Services

  • Full audit of your business
  • Carried out by qualified assessors
  • No disruption to your business operations
  • Clear and precise format
  • Saving on your current and future billing

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Audit Service

What we do

Better Billing will carry out a full audit of your business, covering everything from building fabric and lighting usage to IT equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, transport and even waste management requirements.

From looking at existing contracts and consumption or using our specialist equipment we can even link into your utility boards to collaborate detailed information on energy usage and any visible spikes. All these audits can be carried out by qualified assessors with no disruption to your business operations. Once complete the full report will be presented and explained to you in a clear and precise format and how we can assist on saving on your current and future billing activities.

How we can help

Better Billing carry out an initial assessment of your business billing and ascertain the options available along with short to long term solutions. We will then appraise this on a financial basis and provide you with a detailed financial breakdown showing the outlay costs, returns per annum and overall savings. Highlighting any advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Following the initial audit we can continue to monitor your business to ensure a continuous efficient use of your current billing costs.

Our audit consultants put their clients first. They all undergo intensive regular training programmes to ensure they are on top of their game and know the market. Our auditors have one view that of helping our clients reduce their billing costs. Clients have direct access to their own personal auditor by telephone, email and in person.

Our dedicated auditing consultants work closely with their clients ensuring there is one point of contact should an issue arise.

Our auditors can help with all aspects of business, from contract negotiations to applying for advanced technology to assist your company in becoming more economical and more efficient and most importantly save your company billing.

Billing in the short and long term. This may include simple tendering or a more complex two to five year strategies.

We will negotiate your contract renewal with your current supplier as well as tendering your business to other providers. Better Billing will then present you with a detailed proposal and cost comparison analysis with a face to face meeting. Better Billing ensure seamless transition from your existing suppliers to your new contractors.

What to do

Simply complete an on-line enquiry form or pick up the phone and speak to a member of the team.

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