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What we do

We work with a number of Communications Specialist and we are happy to highlight why businesses are trusting VoIP for their communications.

Following BTs announcement, scheduling the shutdown of their traditional phone lines, we have been helping businesses transition to a hosted VoIP system. We believe this inevitable change will create boundless opportunities in the same way the internet and email transformed business communication.

Beginner's Guide to VoIP

If your business hasn't made the switch to a VoIP phone system yet, you're really missing out on a great opportunity. No matter how big or small your enterprise may be, the benefits of VoIP can greatly improve your business communications at very little cost.

Better Billing Ltd works hand in hand with a number of leading providers of communication services: broadband, mobile, fixed wire and phone systems.

As well as traditional phone systems and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems which provide businesses with increased flexibility and functionality to grow business.

What is VoIP

VoIP is a business telephone system that lives in a data centre hosted in the cloud.

Business calls are made using IP telephone handsets, routed through a network via the internet.

Benefits to you the user

Cheaper with cheaper calls and minimum maintenance.

Lower Risk

Highly reliable and the benefit from internet security

Increased Productivity

Enhance reporting and call management

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Ensures business continuity

Competitive Advantages

Access to private telecommunications networks dedicated to business use only.


Improve flexibility with both mobile and fixed land lines

Why Cloud?

  • Feature rich: Video conferencing, click to dial, presence, fixed mobile convergence and so much more
  • Management: Manage your own phone system in real time with a Cloud Manager
  • Scalable: Easily add licenses to grow with your business or make amends to your set up
  • Choose any number: A local, geographic or your existing number

What is Hosted PBX and VoIP?

A traditional phone system is linked to a local telephone exchange. However, with a Cloud your VoIP handsets are connect via the internet to a Hosted PBX in the Cloud in a highly secure data centre. By utilising Cloud technology you can reduce the need for expensive phone lines, hardware and maintenance and as such save on your annual charges.

Transferring to hosted PBX and VoIP is a journey that every business will take in the next 10 years as traditional ISDN is side tracked for more advanced technology.

Leased Lines Can Benefit Your Business

It's important for any business to be supported by a stable telecoms infrastructure. There are several line options available, it can be difficult choosing the right one to best suit your business' needs. After all, you want to make the right choice first time.

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